About Us

Your designs… built without compromise.

Mission Statement

We are a design and manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We provide a wide variety of services, including printing and manufacturing in-house. We specialize in custom art, prints, frames, mirrors, makeup mirrors, wall-coverings, and signage. Our team of designers, project managers, and craftspeople start and finish every project on-site at Foundation facilities.

About Foundation

Foundation is a unique design and manufacturing company providing a wide variety of custom products and services. We specialize in custom artwork, printing, framing, mirrors, makeup mirrors, wall-coverings, and signage.

Since we create each project in-house, we provide outstanding customer support, exceptional quality control, and rapid turnaround. Each piece of your custom project is designed and handcrafted by our production team, and every aspect is closely managed and monitored to ensure the highest level of product and customer service. Here at Foundation, your designs are built without compromise.

Design & Planning

We wear a lot of hats and have years of experience when it comes to the design and manufacturing world. We may build exceptional projects and ship them in remarkable timing, but before any of that magic happens, we start with the basics. We start with design.

Good design is never thrown together, it has a purpose. We are here to give your unique space the purpose, feeling, and style you need. Our team of designers and artists are experts in the field and know how to create and design an atmosphere that stays true to brand guidelines while still delivering fresh and innovative compositions.

We’re excited to design, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Before we start designing, we need to chat about your project and all the details it entails. Are you adding art to your space, in need of guestroom mirrors, or completely refurbishing your building? Once our project managers gather the important information, it’s design time!

In order to create the perfect designs, we use your architectural layout, colors, theme, and style. We want the project to fill your space perfectly.

Interior design can create a feeling that leaves a huge impact. Let us help you create an environment that keeps people coming back for years to come.

We, not only design cool things, but we also work alongside designers and creatives. Maybe you have a design team? Great! We are team players and love collaborating with others. We can take your designs and manufacture them to life.

Project Management

Yes, we design, manufacture, and ship awesome things, but this is business, and you have needs, budgets, and deadlines. Your project has to show up on time, has to measure properly, and has to be exactly what you want. Good thing we have an incredible project management team! They oversee the entire project from beginning to end and plan out every detail.

They are experts in the field with years of experience and love what they do. They can spot errors from miles away and correct them before they even happen. Not to mention they work in the same building as the designers, craftspeople, and shipping team, so when we say they’re all over it, they really are! This kind of quality control is rare and pretty priceless.


Our team of craftspeople is remarkably skilled and has years of expertise and experience. We work directly with our production team to ensure your project is manufactured properly with all the right materials, measurements, and details. Our team is made up of good, talented, and hardworking individuals that take pride in their craft. What they create reflects who they are, so your product will always be of the highest quality.

Our manufacturing team operates at Foundation facilities. We care about our employees and the environment so we provide fair labor wages and use ethically sourced materials.

Shipping / Logistics

We designed it, built it, and now you need it… Well, believe it or not, we ship! We have a whole logistics team right here on location. We believe it’s essential to have a team of highly detail-oriented people on our logistics team, so that’s why we do.

Our team packages, schedules, and tracks every project. They are dedicated to preparing and securing each piece with care so that when your order gets to you, it’s in perfect condition.

Our Services


Our team is capable of designing and manufacturing any style frame imaginable. Our manufacturing team builds each frame on-site at a Foundation facility. Since we specialize in unique custom projects, our frame options are practically unlimited. If you can imagine it, we can create it.


We make tons of cool things, but our mirrors might be at the top of the list. Just like with all of our other products, we have a whole team of experts ready to assist with your entire design, manufacturing, and shipping needs. If you need a unique and never-before-seen mirror designed, we can do it. If you prefer simplicity, we can also do it.

You may need just one mirror or maybe a mass order. Whatever your needs require, Foundation can deliver. We offer countless options when it comes to mirrors because each one can be as custom as you’d like!


Our team works with you to create custom designs that suit your unique style. We offer a broad range of possibilities since we can print on virtually any surface. We use quality materials and high-end printers. As a company standard, we strive to operate with materials that are eco-conscious and ethically sourced.

Printing surface options available but not limited to:

  • WOOD


Our hand-embellishment options allow for an endless variety of possibilities. These mediums and techniques create an even richer design experience by adding texture, depth, and protection. Our embellished techniques replicate the pallet knife, paintbrush, and roller brush textures. They can add shimmer, gloss, and matte appearance to your custom designs on any surface.

Embellishment Options: